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Welcome to CORE POWER PILATES, the first dedicated Reformer Pilates Studios in Donabate. Our classes focus on increasing core strength and stability whilst improving alignment, flexibility, balance and full body toning. Ideal for every age and body type.

What We Offer


We offer one-on-one Pilates sessions with an internationally certified trainer, using our Balanced Body Reformer. Each session is designed to suit your individual needs and long-term goals, keeping your limitations in mind. These 1-2-1 sessions are a great way to start on the reformer and get a true understanding how your body works and how to improve your mobility, stability and core strength.


Group Pilates Reformer classes (max 6) with a certified Balance Body trainer. Exercises are performed on the Reformer and employ different pieces of Pilates props such as resistance bands, stability balls, magic circle and poles to aid alignment.The main aim is to work your body against gravity, engage as many of the 650+ muscles you possess, using your own body weight to create resistance. 


We will offer a variety of special services which include Pilates for Rehabilitation & Sports injuries such as Golf & Tennis, Pre/Post Natal Pilates, Yin Yoga class, Yoga class and special classes for the elderly to keep them active and stable on their feet.

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Core Power Pilates is equipped with the most up to date and easy to use reformers from Balanced Body USA. 

Our mission is to improve fitness and core stability, strengthening both the body and mind. 

Please note all exercises carried out on the Reformer can be modified if you have an injury for a more gentle recovery with full support for the spine for those suffering with back pain.

Reformer Pilates is a full body workout with lasting results in just a few sessions. You’ll be amazed from the first one! All age and experience levels are welcome. 


What Our Customers say

Core Power Pilates

I'd never tried reformer piliates until this year. I had 1 to 1 sessions at Core Power every week and it is amazing! My body feels stronger from head to toe. Really looking forward to progressing into the Level 1 class in October,

Lydia S

I was introduced to Reformer Pilates three years ago when living over the southside of Dublin. They have so many studios over there! I feel the real benefits from having a stronger core, from everyday housework, through to my evening run. I just feel so much more stable with less back pain. I'm so glad there's now a studio in Donabate.

Cathy R

The ULTIMATE full mind & body workout! Core Power Pilates Studio is equipped with the most up to date and easy to use reformers from Balanced Body. Join us for a class!

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