Why Choose Reformer?

Why Choose Reformer?


    When doing Pilates on a mat or a Reformer, the amount of resistance and tension can often vary, but with a reformer it can be regulated. To some, Reformer equipment might resemble a torture apparatus, looking like a single bed frame but with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs to regulate tension and resistance. However, far from painful, these cables, bars, straps, and pulleys allow exercises to be done from a variety of positions, even standing and is a full mind and body workout.

    Because the reformer can look daunting, many clients start with a few weeks of private sessions before moving on to group classes. In Core Power Pilates, complete beginners must attend 3 private sessions, where you experience both mat and reformer work before participating in group Reformer classes.

    The resistance created by the pulley and spring system can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat classes. It may also produce visible results sooner — arm, leg, and abdominal muscles can look firmer and defined within a dozen or so regular sessions.

    Hour-long private sessions are €55, but group classes will only set you back €16 – €22. You can also save €55 on private sessions by buying a multi-session package or pairing with a buddy for “duets” and we offer a discount for seniors.

    The Reformer’s many attachments increase the range of modifications that can be made to the exercises, and allow additional exercises beyond what can be done on a mat. Where Pilates on a mat falls short, the use of a Reformer allows people with limited range of movement or injuries to safely do modified exercises.

    Reformer Pilates will teach you how to use your powerhouse, make performing daily activities and sports easier, and tone your body along the way. Remember, the best class for a reformer beginner is a reformer beginner class! 

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The ULTIMATE full mind & body workout! Core Power Pilates Studio is equipped with the most up to date and easy to use reformers from Balanced Body. Join us for a class!

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